On this day in 1506, the first group of Swiss Guards arrived at the Vatican. Since then there has never been a successful assassination of a pope, and yet for some reason few other world leaders have followed the example of dressing their personal bodyguard as clowns.


  1. Joseph Moore says:

    Perhaps having your guards dressed as clowns merely improves the quality of the assassination attempts, such that successful ones are more convincingly deaths from natural causes or accidents. Have any popes in the last 500 years slipped on a banana peel? Or gotten suffocated by far too many people in a really small car? For example.

  2. RepubAnon says:

    Given the general fear of clowns (especially Bozar), perhaps the Swiss Guards instill sufficient fear in prospective assassins to deter such attempts.

  3. GP says:

    Actually, Clowns are dressed alike to Swiss guards; a fine example of Batesian mimicry.

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