In 1924, cartoonist G. Francis Kauffman imagined an exceedingly implausible future in which movies would come into your home through the telephone wires.


  1. Big Brother says:

    Amused by the first thing he imagined was what the Young’uns these days call “Netflix and Chill”.

  2. RepubAnon says:

    One wonders about the instructional contents of the “old educational picture.” Perhaps this was a compilation of funny cat videos?

  3. Charles-Louis De Secondcat, Baron De Breed Et De Montemeow says:

    I say, Dr. Boli, don’t you think this rather far-fetched, even for such a forward thinking publication as your incredubiblelationous magazine?

    I am skeptical that even our greatest minds could invent something as advanced as a *wired* telephone.

    Why, the wires used today for charging phones barely last the year! The technology of cross-country telephone wiring is clearly centuries away, awaiting the discoveries of some future Tesla or Maxwell!

    Sincerely yours,

    His resplendent eminence,

    Charles-Louis De Secondcat,
    Baron De Breed Et De Montemeow

    Housegod of Properly Fluffed Pillows and Missing Socks

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