In today's mail I received a communication from some exceedingly unpatriotic cabal calling itself the "Poetry Foundation." Of the contents of the envelope I am entirely ignorant; I was stopped at the very gate, so to speak, by the bald statement on the back of the letter: "We deserve poems."

Poems! I am not one of those slobbering wild eyed America-firsters who insist that their country is always in the right. If it had said "We deserve divine chastisement," I might very well have admitted the justice of the assertion. But poems! Our God is a God of mercy, even in chastisement. Search the book of Exodus: you will find ten plagues visited upon Egypt, but among them you will find no plague of poems. The wrath of the Deity is fearful but not sadistic.

Why do we even have a Postmaster General if such incendiary tracts are allowed the free run of our postal system? The frothing anarchist who would wish poems upon his own countrymen would clearly stop at no act of terror.

Also, what are you doing to celebrate International Typewriter Appreciation Month?

Joy Harjo