How do you get Android users to install your dodgy ad-laden app against their better judgment? You make sure there are lots of positive user reviews. For example, here (quoted for the purpose of commentary and fair-usey stuff like that) are some user reviews for spelling-checker apps that integrate with your Android virtual keyboard to give you correct spelling in everything you write, including (presumably) app reviews.

It is a Beautiful app for children's to understand Clearly there are no problem in spelling, & writing, I also prefer this app for another students it is most useful & necessary app for students, TankQ so much spelling correct app

The most wonerful app i ever see. Keep it up. Please i will like the developer to develop App that can be able to arrange text document in microsoft word.

I have given this app five star because this is very useful and greatful app this app have many functions u can play game give test on grammer and vocabulary spell word and do all things really like this app

Thank you that's very nice to know I'm always ready to learn something new_ my very best thing is listening to the news_ I enjoy learning something everyday …every mind is different and it's awesome for me _ a good mind is healthy wealthy y wise_thank you for always helping me! [We had thought of making this review the subject of a guessing game, confident that if we asked our readers to guess what kind of app it was praising, very few would have come up with “spelling checker.”]

Awesome app! The fact that it gives the diffinition as well as the spelling of the word makes this a SUPER app!! In addition, its very user friendly!!