Animatokinetimotographiscope The Latham Brothers invite the public to an exhibition of the marvelous Ani­mato­kineti­moto­graphi­scope, the Wonder of the Age, which causes living pictures endowed with every attribute of movement to be projected upon a screen, at Memorial Hall this Monday evening at 7 p.m. We have prepared a program of picture subjects that cannot fail to meet with the approval of a discerning public:

The Fat Man Who Falls Down and Gets Hurt

The Adventure of the Bent Garden Hose

Launch of the Steam Towboat Queen of McKees Rocks

Look Out Behind You!

The Silly Irishman Who Sees A Ghost and Falls Down and Gets Hurt

The Onions and the Weeping Cook

Presentation of the City Budget to the Mayor by the President of the City Council

The Pompous Society Lady Who Falls Into a Pond

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Falls Down and Gets Hurt

Patriotic Scenes at the Municipal Gas Works

The Funny Vagabond Who Falls Down and Gets Hurt

Remember: Other exhibitors with other devices may project moving pictures on a screen, but only the Ani­mato­kineti­moto­graphi­scope can legally be called an Ani­mato­kineti­moto­graphi­scope. Beware of trademark fraud!