Why is a typewriter better than a computer or a smartphone? On National Typewriter Day, we remember some of the many advantages of a mechanical writing machine.
1. A typewriter never tells you that your vehicle's extended warranty may have expired.
2. A typewriter never removes features with a software update.
3. Google does not know what you have written on a typewriter, and therefore neither do the hordes of advertisers, scammers, and Russian spies who pay for that information.
4. Typewriters do not have legally binding Terms of Service that you agree to simply by touching the keyboard.
5. Typewriters do not care about your political opinions and have no motive to work you up into a steaming lather of outrage.
6. A typewriter will not spend the next three weeks trying to sell you another of the thing you just bought on Amazon.
7. There are machines from the first generation of typewriters still in operating condition today. How many computers and smartphones have you had in your life?