1. Belfry Bat says:

    9:00PM Tuesday – 7:30AM Wednesday—- sleep.

    7:45AM – 8:15AM —- having begun to dress, doze lackadaisically.

    8:15AM – 8:22AM —- loiter.

    10:03AM – 10:07AM —- having breakfasted, read Proustesqueian satire.

    10:07AM – 11:55AM —- continue turning the pages, but actually been daydreaming all the while about waffles.

    5:20 PM – 10:30 PM —- hunt after that pea that disturbed your dreams last night. Give up.

    • Belfry Bat says:

      10:32 PM —- Dictate a note to the chambermaid instructing her bid the head maid request the butler ask the carpenters to retune the library fainting couches.

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