…that five successive Byzantine emperors were misplaced somewhere in the Blachernae and are presumed to have been built over?

…that there are still three garage bands in Indianapolis that do not have their own Wikipedia articles?

…that scientists are unable to explain how cats sleep for 117% of their lives?

…that so-called “popular” music only appears to be popular because so many people listen to it?

…that Charles Dickens, for all his success as a novelist, never sold a single screenplay?


  1. von hindenburg says:

    The answer to the cat question is simple. They may sleep for 117% of one life, but that is only 13% of *9* lives. They are actually one of nature’s busiest and most productive creatures. They just accomplish all of their work when you’re not looking.

  2. tom says:

    So many unanswered questions. No wonder the World is in such a State. What if the answers being suppressed? Perhaps the FBI can investigate.

  3. Belfry Bat says:

    I’m not sure “listening” is the most accurate verb…

  4. Joseph Moore says:

    The number of former garage bands from the Indianapolis area that have Wikipedia pages probably dwarfs by an order of magnitude the number of still-extant Indianapolis area garage bands.

    I once googled a long list of potential band names for my last band years ago, only to find that all of them had been used at least once by some garage band somewhere. There ought to be some sort of rule…

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