Blandville Coffee Roasters is your source for a broad selection of coffees for every budget and every taste. To help you decide, our professional associates have added their tasting notes to our price list. Try them all and throw a tasting party!

Tastes may vary. Obey all traffic laws. Do not taste coffee under water or in a burning building.

Single-Source Sumatran Extra-Long Sideways. Each bean is hand-shaped into the likeness of a well-known Indonesian politician. $18,945.99/lb.

Tastes like: Caviar, truffles, Château Margaux.

Quite Expensive 110% Arabica Blend of Ethiopian Origin. Hand-picked and guaranteed blessed by Ethiopian monks. $86.99/lb.

Tastes like: Mountain mists, stunning vistas, and chocolate, if chocolate tasted more like coffee.

Proprietor's Special Blend. Seasonally adjusted to the proprietor's violent mood swings. $18.95/lb.

Tastes like: Despair, joy, mania, and cold indifference.

Big Round Can Special Blend from Who Knows Where. $8.99/lb.

Tastes like: Coffee.

Dollar Store Bargain Shelf Coffee-in-a-Bag. $0.75/lb.

Tastes like: Old clothes, pickles, whitewash.