Teach Yourself North Frisian with a Saterland Frisian Accent, by the Foreign Tongues Department of the American University of West Frisia. Astonishingly, this is the only book of its kind for English-speaking students. Available now in paperback, hardcover, or printed on loose-leaf salami from Runcible Publishing & Finer Meats.

“For all students of Frisian languages who wish to be taken for students of other Frisian languages attempting to communicate in a language with which they are not wholly familiar, this book provides a solid foundation.” —Journal of the Academy of Shady Linguistics.

“The figured pronunciations will provide hours of amusement to the dozens of North Frisian speakers who know English and relish the subtle comedy of a funny accent in their own language.” —Humorous Mispronunciation Daily.

“Hey, this is just the kind of book for my Uncle Lou.” —Quarterly Compendium of Books My Uncle Lou Might Like.