In Eugene, Oregon, by a law passed in 1913, socks must be supported by garters on Sunday mornings between 8 a.m. and noon, and police are empowered to lift trousers legs for inspection.

In Hamilton, Ontario, burglars must register with the police, no less than seven days in advance of the crime, a statement of the address of the property to be entered and an itemized list of goods to be stolen, on penalty of forfeiting burglarizing privileges for six months for the first offense and one year for each offense thereafter.

In Cairo (Egypt), failure to bribe a judge is an offense punishable by a fine to be determined at the judge’s discretion.

In the city of Toulouse (France), thinking about a hippopotamus is a crime, and notices are posted at every major intersection detailing the potential penalties for various degrees of violation.

In Vermont, it is possible to libel maple syrup.

In São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, Brazil, it is not permitted to carry a concealed Yorkshire terrier without a permit.

In North Korea, every citizen is required to send Respected Comrade Kim Jong-un a card with a personal inscription on his birthday, which happens every day of the year except October 31, when the Respected Comrade goes trick-or-treating.