A History of Foreigners, by Rumboldt Schnorckelhausen. We all know that the history of our country began in 1776 and continues uninterrupted to the present day, with a slight hiccup in the 1860s that we’d rather not talk about. But did you know that there are human beings living outside the borders of the United States? In this fascinating study, Prof. Schnorckelhausen takes us to foreign lands with such unlikely names as “Switzerland,” “Bangladesh,” and “Puerto Rico” and shows us what their inhabitants have been doing all this time. 16mo, 96 pp.


  1. John Salmon says:

    The real question is one the good Professor didn’t have space to deal with in his current book, which is whether there a nation called “Burkina Faso”, given that most people instinctively know Faso is a Salvadoran percussionist. I also question “Andorra”, since the Route 9 bus goes up there every day, and you don’t even have to leave Philadelphia.

  2. Occasional Correspondent says:

    Isn’t Canterbury one of those foreign countries?  I’ve heard they have an “Archbishop” there — by reputation, a very picky prelate.  Isn’t pickle the frequentative of pick?  Some musicians pickle guitars, and the utensils, the implements, they use to do their pickling are collected by certain enthusiasts.  I have read that this Archbishop of Canterbury is such an enthusiast.  We wait in suspense to hear more of this sometimes homicidal hobby.

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