Transcribed below in machine-readable form—or rather, we should say, in a form readable by more primitive machines than the ones Google employs. The typewriter is a Remington Quiet-Riter.

Dear Dr. Boli: I read somewhere that the number of liberal-arts majors at some big universities is down to 10%. What does this mean for the future of education, culture, humanity, etc.? —Sincerely, A High-School Senior Wondering Where She Should Place Her Bets.

Dear Miss: It means that 10% of college students are being educated, and the rest are being trained. But as a good American, you are probably wondering what it means in practical, which is to say financial, terms. It means that 90% of college students are being prepared for jobs that, by the time they graduate or shortly thereafter, will be done by computers. You should aim to be among the forward-thinking 10%.

Dear Dr. Boli: But what about haiku? —Sincerely, It’s a Follow-Up Question from the Same Correspondent.

Dear Miss:

Do not depend on
the facile thrills of haiku.
Skip it for a day.