Transcribed below.

When I Am Dead

(Not a Haiku and Not by Christina Rossetti)

When I am dead, I’ll see the sights.
I’ll plumb the depths and climb the heights.
I’ll do the town and paint it red.
All this will happen when I’m dead.

I’ll redo all the bathtub grout.
I’ll clear the linen closet out.
I’ll fill in every sidewalk crack.
I’ll build a greenhouse in the back.

I’ll knit a simply epic sweater.
I’ll paint like Raphael, but better.
I’ll take up chess, and always win.
I’ll learn to play the mandolin.

I’ll clear my list of every task.
When will this all occur? you ask.
When I am dead, I say. That’s when.
I really won’t have time till then.