Transcribed below. The pen is an Esterbrook 048 Falcon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Pens

Is that a fountain pen?

No. A fountain pen has a reservoir or “fountain” of ink, whereas a simple steel pen has only as much ink as the nib will carry. You need to have a separate inkwell by you to write with a steel pen.

What’s the difference between writing with a steel pen and writing with a goose quill?

A steel pen is more precise and lasts longer. Because of the precision of the manufacturing, steel pens can be made in infinite varieties.

Where do steel pens come from?

Steel geese.

Can you still get steel pens?

Any dealer in art supplies will carry steel pens and some selection of ink. They will be labeled as “calligraphy” or “drawing” pens, but you can just write with them and no one will stop you, because this is America.

Why would anyone use a steel pen in this age of word processing?

For the same reason that people still draw with pencils in this age of cameras. It’s a different thing.