See your own face without a phone!

Call today to find out how you can use our analog glass technology to perform your personal grooming in private, without a camera, app, or Internet connection.

Monongahela Plate Glass Corporation


  1. Charles Louis de Secondcat, Baron de La Brèed et de Montemeow says:

    At last, I know the devilish makers of these horrible instruments. Every time I look in one, I find that there is already ANOTHER CAT inside, staring out at me!

    He is a rude, ugly, unrefined fellow, but the coward will not come out from behind the glass, so I cannot box his ears for him.

    Tell these fellows they need better quality control!

  2. Occasional Correspondent says:

    What’s the battery life on these “analog glass” things?  And how do you recharge one?  (Please don’t tell me they don’t have batteries and have to be plugged into the wall to work.)

    • Charles Louis de Secondcat, Baron de La Brèed et de Montemeow says:

      Analog is short for “anabolic logic”. Anabolic is a type of metabolism, from which we may conclude that the mirror digests light, then rearranges it to produce its horrid devil images.

      To keep your mirror shiny and reflective, it must be fed daily with a balanced diet of essential light nutrients (including X-rays, UV rays, sine waves, and vitarays). These can be found stored in various flashlights and laser pointers at any walmart.

      Alternatively, since computers, TVs, and iphones are natural producers of light, simply turn your device on and point it at your mirror to provide it with its daily supply of micronutrients.

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