Here is a sample letter to a newspaper, printed in a book, and your job, dear readers, is to guess what kind of book it was printed in:

Sub: Poor sanitary arrangements spread of Malaria.


I want to ventilate through your esteemed daily about poor sanitary arrangement in our locality 17 No. ward, Barasat. Now it is a grave problem in our locality. Because of the drains and ditches are not cleaned. So the heaps of the garbage and rubbish are accumulating at random there. These ditches, sweage of garbages are the brooding ground of mosquitoes, spreading malaria in this locality. Day before yesterday a young man 36 year Sadhan Roy died of the Malignant Malaria and many others have been suffering from fever. Formarly the workmen of Municipality were seen to take away the garbages, but now they are hardly seen. We pay a good amount of tax but the Municipality returns a deaf ear to our grievance. It is indeed sad. So I want to draw the attention of the concerned authority.

Therefore, I would request you to publish the above note to inform the public and the authority sharply.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
S. Roy

Now that you have read the letter, can you guess what kind of book it comes from?

The answer:

An Easy Way to Learn English

Make English Your Lap-Dog

The book is in the Internet Archive. The author identifies himself as an M.A. and an Ex-Interpreter, Red Cross.

Well, you might say to yourself, the author made a good try of it, but he is not going to sell many books this way.

But we might draw your attention to the title page:

First Edition: 14th April 2004
Fifteenth Edition: 1st January 2009
Current Edition: January 2014

The book does not carry a copyright notice, by the way, but Dr. Boli will nevertheless point out that there is a wide latitude in fair use for criticism and comment.

Perhaps tomorrow Dr. Boli will tell you why he thinks this book is very good news for the English language.