Learn to Be Normal

The Indiana State Normal School of Indiana, Pennsylvania, produces graduates who are fully qualified to lead normal lives. Normal people obtain unchallenging jobs and live in moderate debt in suburban houses they can barely afford. Wouldn’t you like to be normal? ISNSIP will teach you! You’ll learn how to…
Deploy ketchup as the universal condiment
Enjoy monster-truck rallies unironically
Hear the deep personal meanings in the lyrics of pop songs
Repeat advertising slogans solemnly as if they embodied the wisdom of the ages
Spend more time maintaining a power mower than mowing the lawn with it
Express yourself through bumper stickers
Normal people understand these things instinctively. Now you can be normal, too. Ask about our accelerated 5-year program to earn your M.Norm. degree. Many employers will pay for your degree if they think you’re too weird.