Hey there, borough councilperson!

It sure would be a shame if you lost your next election because your constituents thought you hated America. It sure would be a pity if we had to add your name to our nationwide list of unpatriotic council representatives. It would be just awful if people started spray-painting your car with patriotically motivated threats.
But, hey, good news! None of that has to happen! All you have to do is remember which way to vote when your council is considering the bill to authorize instal-ling Military Tribute Banners on every lamppost.
Our attractive and reasonably priced banners carry photographs of men and women who have served their country. And don’t worry if you don’t have enough veterans to cover every lamppost. We have AI-generated stock photos of veterans in all approved ethnic groups, ready for mounting on the utility poles of your choice.
So when the vote comes up, remember to vote the right way. The patriotic way. The way that honors our veterans. The way that doesn’t get a brick through your window. You’ll be glad you made the patriotic choice.

Patriot Protection Services LLC
A wholly owned subsidiary of the People’s Banner & Poster Corp. of Guangzhou