I contain multitudes, but I am not particularly large.

I contain the kind of multitudes for which largeness is not a requirement.

Most of my multitudinous residents are bacteria, viruses, and other such microscopic denizens of the inner world of the body,

Although I think I swallowed a gnat yesterday afternoon.

I say to the multitudes within me, “Arise!

Arise and be counted! Arise and be heard!”

And they say, “Quit that shouting or we’ll call the landlord.”

I do not know why they say that.

I do not know who they think the landlord is if I am not the landlord.

I do not think I like the idea that there is a landlord in authority over me, according to my multitudes.

I own my own home in Stanton Heights.

I think I will tell my multitudes that they do not have to arise and be heard.

I think I will take an antibiotic and see how they like it.