Correction: The Hymn of the Day printed in your bulletin is incorrect. The correct Hymn of the Day will be “We Are Many Parts,” sung to the tune of “Some Assembly Required.”


  1. The Shadow says:

    Composed, no doubt, by an obscure artist known only as Ikea.

  2. Joseph Moore says:

    “One the tune that we share
    One in sonic despair.”

    • von Hindenburg says:

      One the cross that we bear…

      A quick look at my parish’s bulletin for today shows that three of the four hymns are old Protestant ones. The remaining, 1990’s mediocrity is the Communion Hymn. It’s a pity that what is supposed to be the most solemn and reverent part of the mass is the bit where it’s theologically most difficult to steal good music.

  3. Badsinger says:

    Our opening hymn was “Sing a New Song,” whose title is rich irony now that we’ve been singing it every week since 1972.

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