Certain correspondents, and one in particular, have been suggesting for years that this Magazine should have a Like button, as a number of other such sites have these days. Dr. Boli is therefore experimenting with that feature, and at the same time attempting to make a more useful button than most other sites can provide. You, the readers, can help by testing the button and letting us know whether it meets your requirements.


  1. Well, I’d apologize for performing necromancy on that post with a new comment, but that’s one of the things the Random Autobolificator is for, isn’t it? Open the magazine, see no new articles since last visit, no new comments on the most recent few articles, hit the Autobolificator and see something old enough that even people clever enough to be Dr. Boli fans have let it slip their memory, so it’s like new to them!

  2. Occasional Correspondent says:

    buttons?  Not such a fan of those . . .

    Why not just post a comment that consists of
    (nothing else)?

    Then you could tot them all up, raise the total to the nth power, extract the cube root, prepare wonderful diagrams, and, voilà — the Stamp Likieness Metric, which none may doubt.

  3. The Mad Soprano says:

    Oh, clever!

  4. tom says:

    Yeah, well, it’s like . . . sorta, Ya know?

  5. Charles Louis de Secondchat, Baron de la Breed et de Montemiaou says:

    Now Dr. Boli need only add a dislike button and he will be a real Social Media.

    But why stop only with dislike? Surely there are higher and lower forms of approval and disapprobation?

    Where is the button for Loathing? Or Viscous Mockery? What do I click for “Minimum Standard Social Approval Because Otherwise I will Look Bad on the Internet”? Where may I send my “Required Congratulations and/or Obligatory Solidarity with Whatever Personal Thing you Posted Which I Did Not Read”?

    Of course, what we really need is a button saying “Please Notice that I have liked your Post and Reciprocate in Kind, Good Sir” — then the internet will finally be Solved.

    More effective communication of our exact social approval and condemnation can only enhance the Social Good and bring all views more closely into alignment with the Societal Average, so we are morally obligated to do it as much as we possibly can.

    The Baron de la Breed et de Montemiaou Entirely Approves most of this message, except for the parts which he doesn’t, which he Completely Condemns without Reservation. Anyone inquiring which is which shall be subject to Social Disapprobation for Obvious Obtusity.

  6. Mary says:

    Love it. 10/10

  7. Fred says:

    I like Like! I’m pretty sure that’s a campaign slogan.

  8. DmL says:

    I was hoping it went to a donation page and was sad it did not. Not that I was going to donate, mind.

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