Windows lock-screen settings, with arrow pointing to checkbox to disable lock-screen ads

Have you noticed advertisements popping up on your login screen lately? Has Microsoft been begging you to check out your news feed or try some wonderful new Windows feature that will be taken away in the next update?

If, like some users we know, you were appalled at this invasion, you can turn it off in the settings. Windows will probably turn it on again every time it updates itself, but at least you know now where to look.

If, like some other users we know, you have had it up to the imaginary line with Windows, you might recall that Linux runs more efficiently on your existing hardware.

It is useful to remind ourselves once in a while of what “news” has become, and this is a good opportunity. When a big tech company is trying to direct your attention to its news feed before you even log in to your computer, you can bet it is not motivated primarily by a selfless desire to make an informed citizen out of you.