The doorman found this advertisement left on the front door of the Boli mansion, and Dr. Boli has preserved it as an early look at the future. In the golden days to come, when artificial intelligence rules the world, we will all have unique and rational names like this. The number of digits and single letter may also indicate how many of us our robot masters intend to keep alive: about 26,000,000, quite enough for a genetically diverse breeding population.


  1. Ralph 124C41+, son of Gernsback says:

    Your acceptance is appreciated and not really negotiable.

  2. Occasional Correspondent says:

    Dr. Boli’s obvious intelligence and erudition will assure his place in the Breeder Barracks (remembering Ellison’s A Boy and His Dog).  His new designation will surely start with B0, and since LI=51 in Roman numerals, we can expect that Dr. Boli (O.S.) will become B-051+ (N.S.), where the + indicates Doctor.

    (Incidentally, the 26,000,000 estimate assumes our AI masters are using decimal numeration; if octal, fewer, but the presence of a 9 in the number would seem to rule out octal; if duodecimal or hexadecimal, more.  If the pre-1994 Spanish alphabet were being used, there would also be 30 instead of 26 letters.)

  3. KevinT says:

    I wonder what J (if I may be so bold as to use his/her/its nickname) has in mind for a window “remodeling”. I have had windows replaced, but never to my knowledge remodeled. Perhaps the addition of some mullions and muntins to otherwise bland expanses of glass?

    • Dr. Boli says:

      You lack the imagination that would be natural to you if you were a member of a men’s club in Pittsburgh. Men’s clubs remodel the windows of any building they get their hands on, so as to shut out most of the natural light. Where they do allow natural light, they filter it through glass block, presumably to hide their fiendish rituals from the public eye. Here, for example (courtesy of Father Pitt), is a Swedish congregational church that turned into an Amvets post:

      Swedish Congregational Church, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh

      And here is a department store that became a Polish men’s club:

      Department store by Frederick Scheibler

      Now you know what window “remodeling” looks like.

    • Occasional Correspondent says:

      Are the windows to be remodeled glass windows or microsoft windows?

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