Readers! Viewers! Players! Do you think every book you read is rubbish? Have you been disappointed by every movie that came out in the past five years? Does every game you play seem like a stale rehash of the same old tropes and characters? You can make big money as an online critic! We show you how! In twelve easy lessons, we teach you how to be witheringly sarcastic. The rest is up to you! Standard Correspondence School of Sarcasm, Point Breeze. Address care of this Magazine.


  1. Occasional Correspondent says:

    Mention of books, and movies, makes me wonder — which of your books, Dr. Boli, would make the best film?  Galahad? but the movie Galahad might employ nuggets from the Encyclopedia of Misinformation (each introduced with “I was just reading in the Encyclopedia that [etc…]”) so you might get compensation for TWO books in a single movie.

  2. tom says:

    What if one doesn’t read books or see movies; and if the only game he plays is the Game of Life, which is indeed a stake rehash of old tropes and characters. But what good is withering sarcasm when there’s only oneself to appreciate it?

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