Royal HH keyboard

Transcribed below. The typewriter is a Royal HH from 1953, which so far has not needed tech support.

Tech Support: A Dialogue.

Tech support. This call may be recorded.
In fact it will be. There’s no “may” about it.
Thet’s just a script concocted by our lawyers
To cover things that lawyers dream about
In darkest night, when legal demons rise
Prom deepest depths of Tartarus, and haunt
The nightmare visions of those wretched souls
Who make themselves the slaves of corporate law,
So anyway, what can I do for you?

My internet keeps cutting out on me.

Ah, yes. And then the darkness closes in,
And all the whirling universe contracts
Into the limits of your blinkered sight;
The flow of wisdom stops; the light goes out:
The distant voices cease so speak to you;
A pall appalling falls; all calling stalls,
And blank and blackened desert meets your eyes:
The world collapses in upon itself.

Well, something like that. So, what should I do?

Pray: pray that all the demons will release you;
Pray that you will not be condemned to linger
Unloved at Limbo’s gate; pray for the light;
Pray for the green of budding spring, the warmth
Of mothers’ love, the comfort of soft rain;
Pray for the birds to sing; pray for the sun
To shower you with his benevolence;
Tray for the cooling breezes in July
And south winds in December; pray for life,
For love, for comfort; pray for simple things.
And if that doesn’t work, you might reboot.