Dr. Boli’s History of the Doorknob. A much-neglected subject, handled in Dr. Boli’s usual thorough manner. Other historians have dealt with the history of doorknobs in general, but only Dr. Boli has had the patience and industry to relate the complete history of the particular doorknob that opens the door to Dr. Boli’s library. A surprisingly lively story, full of unexpected twists and turns. Quarto, 582 pp.

Dr. Boli’s Complete Manual of Dish-Washing. Compiled from instructions Dr. Boli originally developed for his own kitchen staff, this book is an absolute necessity for every thoughtful and patriotic citizen who is dissatisfied with the way dishes are washed in this country. Beginning with a number of geometric proofs and progressing to a comprehensive examination of the application of Newtonian infinitesimal calculus to the circular motions and angular velocity of the common dishrag, Dr. Boli’s manual explains everything an ordinary dishwasher needs to know about his art. Highly recommended for anyone in the trade, and certain to be a much-appreciated gift from householders to their cooks and scullery-maids.


From Dr. Boli’s Encyclopedia of Misinformation.

Maya. It was once believed that the Maya were a nation of peaceful astronomers, but the decipherment of Maya historical texts has led to a reassessment of their character. It is now known that the Maya were indeed peaceful astronomers, but remarkably violent soldiers.