Scorpio. In the supermarket today you will find yourself buying a large quantity of chips of various sorts. Having loaded the bags into your car, you will drive to Broadway and Hampshire, where it will immediately be obvious to you which building you need to enter.

Sagittarius. Today would be a very good day to stock up on sour cream, onion-soup mix, and a number of other materials that could, at a moment’s notice, be made into dip. It would also be a good day to take those materials in a bag on the Route 42C or 42S streetcar and get off at the Hampshire station.

Capricorn. Paper plates figure prominently in your plans for today. They can be purchased very economically in the Strip, whence it is but a few minutes’ drive to the corner of Broadway and Hampshire. Look for the balloons.

Aquarius. What the world needs more of is disposable cups. The part of the world that needs them most desperately may be found at the corner of Broadway and Hampshire.

Pisces. Some drips and spills are in your future, but you will be prepared if you have purchased a few packages of paper napkins and transported them to the corner of Broadway and Hampshire.

Aries. Life’s a party! Your life needs more novelty noisemakers. They will be especially appreciated when you find yourself at the corner of Broadway and Hampshire.

Taurus. As you ride the streetcar along Broadway, you will be seized with a sudden desire to alight at the Hampshire safety island, and you will be very glad that you bought those extra-large packs of plastic tableware.

Gemini. The number of uses to which disposable tablecloths can be put is simply amazing. At the corner of Hampshire and Broadway, you will find yourself very grateful that you stocked up on them.

Cancer. You are seized by an inexplicable desire to pile a number of folding chairs into the back of your truck and drive to the corner of Broadway and Hampshire.

Leo. A tall, dark stranger with a mysterious past has already bought a number of disposable cups. There is a very good chance of meeting him at the corner of Broadway and Hampshire. If you brought along a selection of soft drinks, he would probably be very receptive to the idea of making your acquaintance.

Virgo. Cake! The stars say that a large sheet cake is in your future, to be delivered to the corner of Hampshire and Broadway. No coconut.

Libra. So what if the weather is a bit nippy? A little bit of ice cream is good for the soul. It is a positive boon to the soul if it is brought to the corner of Hampshire and Broadway.

Fun Astrological Fact:

DID YOU KNOW that today is Nergal-Sharezer the Rabmag’s birthday?