1. Ethan C. says:

    I’m dashing this off from my “laptop” in the midst of the convention. Things are getting desperate down here, as the vice-president selection process grinds on. There are rumors that the balloons in the rafters will soon begin popping due to the humidity if they are not dropped soon. The event coordinators are demanding a tie-breaking vote.

    From what I can tell above all the shouting and noisy milling about, supporters of King assert that their man will be more capable of fulfilling the office’s responsibility by giving the President advice, while the Burr faction counters that their man more perfectly embodies vice itself.

    There are stirrings of a compromise ticket including all three candidates, or possibly four in order to round out the White House whist table. Joshua Norton’s name has been bandied about as co-President, but there are worries that he would not accept the reduction in office.

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