HAVE YOU BEEN denied access to the best jobs merely because you lack an advanced degree?

The Boli Institute for Advanced Studies, long recognized as the premier supplier of degrees to Dr. Boli, is now offering graduate degrees to the general public at a fraction of the price of the degrees offered by competing universities. For only $298, you get a degree written in in exclusive type fonts not available to other institutions of higher learning, and printed on the finest paper that will feed through our DeskJet.

Is this an accredited institution? Absolutely! We have established our own accreditation association, the FDAA (Fake Degree Accreditation Association), which will confirm to any prospective employer that you did indeed receive a degree from us printed on actual paper. (We do not keep detailed records, so we have a policy of answering “yes” to every question asked of us by prospective employers of persons who are or might be our students.)

Here is a sample of one of our highly professional-looking degrees:


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Is this ethical? Yes! We have established our own Ethics Department especially to review the ethics of all our practices, and that department has given us its ringing endorsement!

To apply for your degree, simply fill out this form and send it with payment by check or money order:

(Print name as it is to appear on the degree.)

I am applying for (circle one)
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree
Licentiate ($19.95 international surcharge)

In (print name of discipline):

I offer without mental reservation my personal assertion that I do indeed have experience equivalent to this degree (circle one):
(Note: Circling “No” will not affect your chances of being awarded a degree.)

Enclose payment of $298 by check or money order (checks may be held for up to 14 days).