NOW IN PRESS: Amy Lou: A Tale of a Side Road Near Gloucester Court House, Just Behind the BP Station, by Irving Vanderblock-Wheedle. “Perhaps it would be most charitable to say that Vanderblock-Wheedle’s latest work is up to his usual standard.” —Dispatch. In this 86th novel in his “Virginia Cycle,” Vanderblock-Wheedle explores the rapidly suburbanizing world between the York and Rappahannock rivers, as highways grow from two lanes to four, and convenience stores begin to sell espresso. Against this romantic backdrop, Amy Lou plans her annual shopping expedition into Newport News—a journey fraught with metaphorical significance. “In recent years Virginia has experienced an unprecedented wave of immigration. Had more prospective immigrants been exposed to the Virginia novels of Irving Vanderblock-Wheedle, this would not have been the case.” —Volksblatt und Freiheits Freund.