Dr. Boli’s Big Boring Book. Everything you need to know about boring, from tiny holes to subway tunnels. Dr. Boli examines this fascinating subject from every possible angle. The history of boring is explored, from the earliest shell jewelry to the new subway tunnel under the Allegheny, showing how holes have formed an essential, though often overlooked, part of human culture in every era. The geometry of holes is explained in precise detail, and detailed engravings depict boring tools from every stage of human culture. Boring equipment is reviewed with an eye to its practicality as well as its beauty. A special chapter is devoted to the many delightful puns which can be made on the word “boring.” Quarto, 386 pp.

On This Day in History.

ON THIS DAY in 1908, a small group of intrepid explorers from Brooklyn discovered Connecticut.


  1. Leaf says:

    I’d also like to see Dr. Boli write another book on “boring” – that is to say, all of the things that are not very interesting, and possibly even somewhat tedious. Boring holes in things can also be tedious at times, if you are working in a hard medium, but I find it often helps to pass away the time. Particularly in prison and particularly with a spoon specially sharpened for the purpose.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m particularly angry at worms. Creatures who leave their holes strewn about shouldn’t be allowed to vote, imho.

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