1. Will says:

    I’m sending this to a couple people who I know will get a kick out of it. Glad the good folks over at the panda’s thumb linked to this!

  2. Michael Dean says:

    I recently prepared a batch of dehydrated water. Just drop these crystals in 16 oz of water to obtain the full benefits. If anyone is interested in becoming a distributor…

  3. dNorrisM says:

    (Crosspost from Orac’s blog- I think)

    I have a homeopathic cure for Hydrogen Hydroxide toxicity:

    Hydrogen Hydroxide diluted to a ratio of 30I 0C or 0X

    Also if light travels through AEther, will a homeopathic solution of (CH3CH2)2 make my friends visible?

  4. Shane says:

    No!! Don’t touch this – I understand that Dr Boli’s preparations are actually laced with huge quantities of dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO). DHMO is a very dangerous substance, and is even a major component of acid rain, and has been directly implicated in much of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. AVOID!!

  5. Bob Carroll says:

    DHMO is actually of mixed value. While exposure to excessive quantities of this substance has been fatal to many athletes, there are several examples of useful applications. Baby formulas have significant amounts of this chemical. The FDA has not yet forbidden its use.

  6. J L Brown says:

    Lack of regulation is no guarantee of safety! DHMO is simply yet another industrial solvent which has remained ‘under the radar’ during the recent environmental-science unfriendly republican administration. It is also found to be closely related to more than 90% of all human cancerous growths. Help end the insanity; ban DHMO!

  7. I scrolled down to leave a silly remark, and became entranced on my journey to the comment box. Are you all chemists and are these comments for real, or are they scientific humor that is completely eluding me?! Either way…I’m impressed! :)

    • Kristoffer R. Haug says:

      Dear Forrester McLeod,

      If I tell you that dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) and Hydrogen Hydroxide are just chemical names for water I’m sure you’ll be able to get the jokes quite well :)

      And yes, this humor is typical for both highly qualified chemists and students alike. Sorry if I spoiled your fun guys!

      • No fun spoiled at all!!! I have a bit of a circus mind so I am truly, WONDERFULLY amazed at minds that work differently! I had a blast tip-toe-ing through those posts.

        Thanks for the explanation!

  8. Longstreet63 says:

    I smell another paid shill for Big Chemicals, trying to get people to drink their poisonous DHMO. Did you know this is found in our drinking water?? And it’s often used as a solvent for chlorine, a deadly poison gas.
    It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya!

  9. drboli says:

    Dr. Boli, who seldom interferes in the business of his advertisers, would nevertheless like to point out that some of them have found exceedingly beneficial uses for DHMO:

  10. Kevin says:

    The most common alcoholic beverages contain around 95% DHMO! And it’s not even listed on the label!! Somehow it’s the trivial elements that get blamed for the damage.
    Be like me and drink only pure grain alcohol. Preserve the Purity of your Essence.

  11. DoomRater says:

    I was in my MMA class and could spot huge puddles of the strange substance on the ground where I had been shadowboxing for a long period of time. Am I in any danger? I think it is trying to absorb the salt out of me, as there were traces of salt in the DHMO!

  12. Steve & Hawkin says:

    What’s even worse, this dangerous monoxide (the dreadful DHMO) seems to be invading our planet.

    Last scientific research i heard of stated Earth is already almost 75 % full of it.

    Please somebody tell Al Gore to make a movie about DHMO !!

  13. Steven Carr says:

    DHMO is perfectly safe to drink, provided you dilute it sufficiently.

    But be warned. There were experiments where people only had DHMO to drink. After about 16-18 hours on this regime, people started to report feelings of drowsiness , tiredness, had difficulty concentrating, and had a lack of energy.

  14. Will says:

    The talks of DHMO really bring to mind Penn and Teller’s environmentalist experiment:

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