Dear Dr. Boli: I recently acquired a guitar at a yard sale, and I am convinced that it is an instrument of great value. I found this label behind the sound hole, which I have had my house engravers reproduce as faithfully as they are able:


My question is this: Is it best to sell an instrument of this caliber by auction, or by advertising in one of the better-quality magazines? If the latter, I should very much like the magazine in question to have an international readership and a substantial on-line presence. —Sincerely, Fernando “Ferdie” Sor, Barcelona.

Dear Sir: Dr. Boli has already taken care of your problem and charged your MasterCard account. You’re welcome.


  1. Dixon Herbstreit says:

    Dear Dr. Boli,

    Can you discuss the differences between a hobo, tramp and vagabond? A rather shabby, unshaven and, shall we say, fragrant, gentleman has been sleeping in the backseat of my vehicle for the last fortnight. I should think that one should ascertain the proper nomenclature before notifying the authorities.

    Thank you in advance for your knowledge,

    Dixon Herbstreit
    Paw Paw, Mich.

    PS – May I be so bold as to suggest adding a sidebar category “Ask Dr. Boli” so as to allow your faithful readers to more easily access your wisdom?

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