LEARNING TO RECOGNIZE road signs at a glance is an important accomplishment for any driver. In this installment of our occasional series, Dr. Boli explains some of the common regulatory signs, which are usually square or rectangular, white in color, with black lettering and red symbols.


Phenakistoscopes Prohibited During Rush Hour

Phenakistoscopes and other distractions cause backups or worse when traffic is heavy. Use phenakistoscopes responsibly, and put them away during rush hour.


All Traffic Ought to Turn Right.

Turning left at this intersection will delay and inconvenience other drivers. Perhaps you should think of someone other than yourself for a change.


There Is No Justice.

Strictly speaking this is more of an informational than a regulatory sign, but it is grouped here for formal rather than thematic reasons.


No Short Cuts.

Attempting to evade delays on this highway is strictly prohibited. The road construction, traffic accident, or other inconvenience you are experiencing now has been installed by your government to cultivate the virtue of patience in its citizens.


  1. The Fabulous Crone says:

    I do so hate to quibble, but the description for the third road sign in this series should be “There Is No Injustice.” The scales are tipped, you see.

    With kind regards to you,
    The Fabulous Crone

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