Culinary Supplement.

Anise. It has recently been proved that “star anise” is not truly extraterrestrial.

Apricot. “Apricot” is a label given to inferior grades of peach since 1933. It has been more successful commercially than the previous labeling standard, “Peach Seconds and Rejects.”

Corn meal. In spite of its name, corn meal has seldom been fed to corn.

Mexican food. So-called “Mexican” food is unknown in Mexico, but is surprisingly popular in Ecuador.

Olive oil. It is a common misconception that “olive oil” comes from olives. In fact, it is a petroleum product used to lubricate olives, which without artificial lubrication are uncomfortably abrasive.

Onion. Inside every onion is another onion. Inside that onion is still another onion. Whether the series ever ends, or whether there is simply an infinite progression of more and more microscopic onions, is one of the great unanswered questions of natural philosophy.

Tea. In ancient China, adulteration of tea with such flavorings as “blackcurrant” and “blueberry vanilla swirl” was punishable by death.