1. Scuba Joe says:

    Dear Dr. Boli,
    I notice this says “Lincoln-Douglas” debates. I at first had them confused with the Lincoln-Douglass debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglass but decided that these debates must be rather of a different historical importance altogether.
    What say you?
    Sincerely yours,
    Gentle Reader Scuba Joe

  2. I do not propose to deny the educational value of the Custard Pie Theater series. I have found the new season even more instructive than, and almost as entertaining as, the Yogohania Whoopee Cushion Theater series of last year but one.

    However I earnestly wish the Dumont Network would refrain from the exploitative practice of hiring any person who happens to be standing around for walk-on parts. Not only is the integrity of the performance damaged, but the crowd of down-on-their-luck actresses, hoboes, and truants near the Dumont Studios on Thursdays around lunchtime renders Market Street practically impassable. Furthermore the persons responsible for casting have not been nearly as discriminating as they ought to be about selecting only volunteers for their roles. I shall perhaps have occasion to comment on this further after a change of clothes.

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