1. Frances S. Key says:

    I’m mad as heck! I didn’t get the walrus Santa promised me. I think a major corporation with deep pockets should give me a walrus, a llama or 1.5 million in compensation for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

  2. Tuddy Lemkow says:

    I was promised a new defibrillator and what did I get for Christmas? Arrhythmias, dammit. I’m gonna either sue or die trying.

  3. Persona says:

    Once again, I wanted to be Gumby for Halloween this year, and I wasn’t. So after ten years of this very tiring problem, I thought I might get to be Gumby for Christmas. Sadly, I didn’t get this. And now I want my merry back.

  4. Hairy Reed says:

    I think Santa ought to pay for our healthcare. He has money for all these toys, factories to make them and pays zero in taxes. Let’s stick it to the jolly old elf, maybe he will trim down.

  5. raincoaster says:

    Pony: Seriously, is it TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?

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