A NORWAY MAPLE (Acer platanoides) in the borough of Avalon Heights consistently bears the leaves, flowers, seeds, sap, bark, and DNA signatures of a Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum). Botanists have been unable to produce any explanation for the tree’s unusual behavior.

At times, “Red Nichols and His Five Pennies” comprised as many as a dozen musicians.

Across the English-speaking world, literally millions of men named John are consistently called “Jack” for no discernible reason.

Miss Risë St. Chalbert of Arkadelphia, Oregon, is violently allergic to Pushkin.

Highly placed Anglican sources who wish to remain anonymous have reported that the Archbishop of Canterbury glows in the dark.

County Road 4182, five miles west of Canonsburg, does not go anywhere.

Mr. Albert Bundle of Rankin is able to speak fluent Swahili, but only if his interlocutor can speak fluent Malayalam.


  1. Frances S. Key says:

    Thank you, Dr. Boli. I am so relieved to know the “Jack” for “John” switch is inexplicable. I have been trying to find an explanation for years. Now, at long last, I can find some peace!

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