New Jersey Edition.

Atlantic City. In 2007, the mayor of Atlantic City drove off in a city-owned vehicle and disappeared for thirteen days. He was eventually found more than two hours away from the city, and police who searched the vehicle discovered both Boardwalk and Park Place in the trunk.

Delaware Water Gap. The beautiful Delaware Water Gap scenic natural area has now been fully paved for your convenience.

Legislature. A bill to transfer the official capital of New Jersey to the Trenton State Penitentiary for the convenience of the legislators resident there was vetoed by the governor in 1973.

Motto. The official New Jersey tourist motto, “What a Difference a State Makes,” was adopted only after a compromise in which the enabling legislation specifically affirmed that the New Jersey State Legislature took no position on the question of whether the difference was positive or negative.

Nickname. New Jersey’s familiar nickname, “Garden State,” refers to the garden belonging to Ms. Wilma Pickett of South Orange, well known to train travelers as the only garden visible between Newark and Camden.


  1. nutellaontoast says:

    The last one is so true. The essentially unbroken line of concrete on the NJ Transit NE Corridor line should be a wonder of the world.

  2. Neil Obstat says:

    Puts me in mind of that great John Denver song, Concrete Roads.

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