1. Martha says:

    Possibly the other three-quarters of a million have not yet finished washing their hands according to the instructions of the United Paper Towel Manufacturing Corporation, and will be joining the rest of us once they have finished in the lavatory?

  2. Robert_H says:

    Perhaps those readers are made of dark matter and thus are undetecable via direct observation.

    I believe we may infer their presence from Dr. Boli’s rising Google PageRank, and his new Mercedes SL class convertible financed by Google AdSense payments.

    • Jared says:

      An accomplishment all the more remarkable by the veritable invisibility of the advertisements generally understood to constitute the core of the AdSense program — though the terms of his contract with United Paper remain undisclosed.

  3. Sean says:

    They are Dark Google Ads, only detectable by readers made entirely of dark matter.

  1. Where Are They?…

    Poor Dr. Boli! He’s missing 750,000 readers! Funny. So are we! Hey, Kids! Well . . . . When you’re Road Kill on the Cyber Interstate, there’s always: Mrs. Whittaker’s Spray On Gravitas!…

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