1. Jared says:

    I purchased a printed copy of the internet, in eighteen illustrated volumes, back in 2004, and obtained the annual supplements from 2005-2008. With each successive year, however, it became increasingly clear that little of value had been added to the internet, and early in 2009, I decided to cancel my order for that year’s addenda.

    I have found the 2004 internet suitable for daily use, consulting the supplemental volumes as circumstances warrant, though the shelf space devoted to “MeetUp” is somewhat excessive, and I have loaned that volume indefinitely to a certain Mr. Dean, whose nostalgia where that subject matter is concerned strikes me as somewhat peculiar.

    Although I do not, at present, anticipate purchasing the 2011 supplement, especially in light of resoundingly negative reviews, I may yet acquire a critical edition of the internet, should such plans come to fruition, as I am hopeful that the commentary will help shed light on the mystery of AOL’s sizable market share.

  2. Stuart Buck says:

    Will there be an annotated edition available?

    • Jared says:

      While we’re on the subject of the contents of various works discussed in these pages, I will pose the question Mr. Buck is too modest to ask: does the table of contents of “Acting White” feature in Dr. Boli’s Comprehensive Anthology of Tables of Contents, or is the work not quite as comprehensive as previously supposed?

  3. JackeyD says:

    In my vast international studies, I have discerned that the “internet” is oft times referred to as the “net”. With a solid background in accounting principles I know full well the “net” is what remains after expenses, etc. Therefore I strongly recommend you explore copying the entire “inter-gross” lest you inadvertently miss some important information.

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