Horses. Horses were originally bred from centaurs, which in their primitive form are swift and strong, but notoriously unsuitable as mounts. Ancient breeders wisely concentrated on improving the head, since the human head is, on the centaur as on the human being, the most useless part of the creature.


  1. JoeBob says:

    It puzzles me that we never see depictions of female Centaurs, and yet we have female horses? Were the female horses bred from some other originating specie than Centaurs?

  2. Sean says:

    Along with his other scientific nature series, Walt Disney compiled all of the existing film of centaurs (male and female) in the wilds of Acadia for a segment of his brilliant 1940 nature film: Fantasia. It is known to be even more accurate than his pieces on lemmings.

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