IN RESPONSE TO the letter from an anonymous reader published yesterday, a reader calling himself RepubAnon writes:

Interesting how showing the various methods of ending human life are deemed honorable, while the means of starting human life are deemed disreputable.

Children are often given toy guns and similar devices intended to let them practice ending the lives of other humans – imagine the uproar if they were given toys that encouraged them to practice creating new lives… very odd.

There is some good news on this front. It seems that the Junior Wizard division of Pretorius Scientific Novelties, Inc., will soon be offering the Junior Wizard Genetic Engineering Play Set, including everything your child needs to practice creating new lives on the kitchen counter. The peculiar gap in our children’s education that our reader has identified is at last being addressed, and it is to be hoped that more manufacturers of educational toys will follow this example. Meanwhile, if the Junior Wizard offering is a success, you can look forward to some very artistic new species of Drosophila in your neighborhood.