YOHOGANIA ELECTRIC LIGHT Co. CEO Marcellus Shayle has been convicted of several counts of willful negligence. He had been charged in connection with the accident last year in the Portvue generating plant that killed 36 workers and caused the evacuation of three thousand homes in the area. The court found that Mr. Shayle had deliberately ignored engineers’ strong warnings not to plug that thing into that other thing, and found further that Mr. Shayle had a long history of culpable negligence that had, over his six years as CEO of the company, resulted in some 429 deaths and an unknown number of injuries. Mr. Shayle was fined $38, but on his attorney’s suggestion the fine was reduced by the amount Mr. Shayle had already spent at the courthouse snack machine. The Yohogania Electric Light Co. was last in the news back in September, when a Yohogania temporary secretary convicted of stealing paper clips was sentenced to be drawn and quartered.