Dear Dr. Boli: Roosters crow, but do crows roost? —Regards, Man Who Sees Symmetry In Everything.

Dear Sir: Crows do indeed roost, an assertion for which we have the authority of Scripture itself: “The roosters crow, and the crows roost, but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head” (Dr. Boli is quoting from memory, and forgets the exact verse). This business of seeing symmetry in everything can be mentally exhausting, however, and you may wish to take up another hobby. For example, horses whinny; we are then required to cast about for a symmetry until we recall that Wini Shaw was sometimes hoarse—and then what have we gained?

Dear Dr. Boli: Why was there no celebration for the one hundredth “Ask Dr. Boli” feature? Here it is the one hundred first already, and no celebration! Sincerely, Antonio Zambelli.

Dear Sir: Dr. Boli may sometimes be a bit self-obsessed, but he is not quite as self-obsessed as you seem to think he is.


  1. Scuba Joe says:

    Dear Dr. Boli,
    I am somewhat concerned that you have not paid much attention of late to the issue of moustaches. What would you say is an advisable length and style for a young man or woman interested in typewriters?
    Scuba Joe

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