Dr. Boli’s Comprehensive Treatise on Human Sexuality for Young Adolescents. Many parents and teachers are understandably concerned about the education of young people in the vitally important area of human sexuality and reproduction. Will our adolescent boys and girls have the information they need to be able to face the multitudinous changes their bodies and minds will endure in the years between childhood and adulthood? Can nothing be done to stem the flood of teenage pregnancies? Dr. Boli responds to this obvious need with a book that teaches abstinence by the only method proved to be effectual. No effort has been spared in giving our young people the most comprehensive introduction to human reproduction available in printed form. In this painstakingly thorough and medically accurate treatise, the entire subject of sexuality is rendered excruciatingly dull, so that, after only a few pages, the little blighters will beg you to teach them algebra instead. After a few weeks of classes using this book as a text, students will never want to think about sex again. Quarto, 1,574 pages, with three illustrations, all of them incomprehensible line drawings with captions in Greek.