DURING THE RECENT Rapture mania, when many thousands of people were eagerly anticipating what turned out to be a spiritual rather than physical event (which Dr. Boli believes is another way of saying it didn’t happen), Dr. Boli offered, purely as suggestions, a number of things to do while waiting for the Rapture. It seems that many people found these suggestions useful, to judge by the gratifyingly high numbers of readers. One of them, calling herself “Grace” (certainly an apt name), was kind enough to leave a comment only this afternoon:

you realize its may 27 and NOTING has happened! Sucks for you cuz you just did all that stuff…

First of all, Dr. Boli would like to correct a slight misapprehension. He merely offered suggestions; he did not do all that stuff. For example, he did not vandalize his neighbor’s Lexus, for the very good and compelling reason that his neighbor drives a DeSoto Airflow. Nor did he pay a visit to the gymnasium. Dr. Boli attributes his longevity to Yunnan tea, good red wine, and a dogmatic avoidance of exercise machines. He believes it is far healthier to get one’s exercise by doing something useful than by sitting at a machine that simulates useful work, in the same way that it is far healthier to get one’s nutrition by eating real fruit rather than wax fruit.

However, he does believe that his correspondent is correct when she says that “NOTING has happened.” The Recording Angel has indeed been taking notes. Although Dr. Boli is not one to tell an angel his business, he suspects that the name of one Harold Camping appears in the register with a big black mark beside it, a mark that it will take a good deal of earnest repentance to erase.


  1. RepubAnon says:

    Perchance another good idea for whiling away the time until October 21 (when Mr. Camping says the world will end) would be taking some reading comprehension classes?

    If one wishes to spend October 22nd mocking those who are looking at their watches and wondering whether Gabriel’s trumpet got hung up in Customs, reading comprehension classes would help such aspiring mockers to select their targets more carefully.

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