A CURSORY GLANCE at the papers shows that the issue of “gay marriage” is much discussed at the moment. Dr. Boli had no idea there was a debate, so strong is his prejudice in favor of the idea. Now that he knows there is disagreement, however, he is interested in hearing where his readers stand on the question. Thus this impeccably scientific poll.

[UPDATE: The poll is now closed, but the results may be found here.]


  1. Being a superintelligent automated system programmed with every book in the Library of Congress in my memory banks, I of course have no opinion on matters of mating between carbon flesh units.

  2. Alan Kellogg says:

    What’s wedded bliss without the bliss?

  3. John says:

    I used to be gay, but the word was hijacked to mean something else. I like to sing, but resigned from the “glee club” because it wasn’t what it used to be. I used to go to the YMCA, but don’t any more since the meaning of “C” has been forgotten. Happiness has been stolen.

  4. Dr. Bjorn Bjornsen says:

    What’s all this I hear about gray marriage? I think that old people have the right to happily married lives as much as the young do. Besides, many of my friends are old. And gray.

    Ehhh, that’s “GAY” marriage, Dr. Bjornsen.

    Ohhhh, that’s very different. Never mind.

  1. […] which is both a conclusive and a heartening result. At press time, out of 167 votes cast in our poll, 62 votes, or 37.13%, were strongly in favor of gay marriage, and 40, or 23.95%, were somewhat in […]

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