FORT PITT WIRELESS will begin offering the first TruData Veri-Net service in the metropolitan area on the first of September, according to a press release. Fort Pitt CEO Henry Bouquet is quoted as saying that this revolutionary new wireless data service will revolutionize the way Americans use revolutionary new wireless data services.

The problem with ordinary cellular data connections is that they are indiscriminate. Most of the assertions on the Internet are demonstrably false, and a wireless user may be forced to download gigabytes of falsehood to uncover a few kilobytes of truth. On a metered connection, every false byte costs money.

Veri-Net eliminates the trouble and expense of falsehood by transmitting only the true bytes of data to your smartphone or tablet. According to the press release, Fort Pitt’s standard plan will include 2 megabytes of data per month, which is sufficient for most users. For power users, the Truth Junkie account will include 10 megabytes of data per month, which is enough to download all the truth on the Internet.

Fort Pitt Wireless is licensing the Veri-Net technology from TruData, Inc., which last month made headlines with the launch of its TruGazette, a four-page pocket-sized daily newspaper containing all the true news in the world.


  1. Tom says:

    Anyone with technical savvy knows that that the entire digital truth can be summed up in a single 1. The fact that Fort Pitt can get people to believe that they need megabytes simply shows their marketing prowess.

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